Mandatory insurance: AAV

Insurance for riders in competition.

The insurance for medical expenses at the circuit with referral to local health entities, as well as referral for hospitalization (to Sanatorio Güemes, Hospital Británico, Instituto Privado del Quemado de Buenos Aires, in those cases that require it due to their complexity).

Hospitalization in a double room with a private bathroom until the patient is discharged from the hospital
Coverage in Intensive Care
Laboratory: all the nomenclature studies derived from the pathology that caused the hospitalization
Diagnostic Imaging: simple and contrasted radiological studies, ultrasounds, computed tomography, electroencephalograms, electrocardiograms and all the necessary high complexity studies
Surgery treatment of fractures, dislocations, healings, sutures, etc
Disposable material and medicines during hospitalization: FREE OF CHARGE
Ambulance or air transfers when necessary

Optional insurance: Highly recommended

COVERAGE per event of u$s 30.000.

Sanitary transfer and/or sanitary repatriation included in the maximum medical assistance
expenses due to accident or illness.
The assistance service covers 24 hours a day.
The minimum number of days to be contracted is 5.


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