Desafio Ruta 40 2023 Programm

March 17

Registrations opening

May 9

Media registrations opening

August 11

Closing of Media Permanent Accreditations

August 12

Closing of Registrations FIA competitors

August 16

Closing of Registrations (all competitors except FIA drivers)

Closing of Media Daily Accreditations

August 21

Official Competition Numbers allocated

August 22

Bivouac opening

August 26

Administrative Checks and Scrutineering (La Rioja)

Pre-event Press Conference

August 27

Scrutineering (La Rioja)

General Briefing and Safety Briefing


Opening Ceremony 

August 28

Stage 1: La Rioja-La Rioja

August 29

Stage 2: La Rioja-Belén

August 30

Stage 3: Belén-Belén

August 31

Stage 4: Belén-Belén

Septiembre 1

Stage 5: Belén-Salta

Closing Ceremony

Press Conference