Desafío Ruta 40 entries

¿How do I register?

1 – Download the registration form according to your needs: Bike/Quad – Car/UTV – Assistance




2 – After duly completing the form, send it by e-mail to Competitors Relations Office:

The application form will only be accepted if submitted together with the entry fee, which will be increased by 100% for those competitors who do not accept the optional publicity of the Organizers.

Any person, holder of a valid provincial license issued by a Federation, over 18 years of age and having a valid national medical license, is eligible in the OPEN category.

To score points in the World Rally Raid Championship (W2RC) each competitor must have a FIM 2023 international license (Please contact your FMNR -National Federation- to check the conditions for obtaining the license).

To score points in the World Rally Raid Championship (W2RC) each participant must have an international license FIA 2023 (Please contact your DNA -National Federation- to check the conditions for obtaining the license).

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse the registration of a driver, co-driver or team member, without having to give the reasons for this refusal.

Competitors, drivers or co-drivers of a nationality other than Argentinian must present a written authorization issued by their Federation at the administrative checks.

Until the time of the administrative verification, the competitor may freely replace the registered vehicle by another one.

Drivers wishing to score points in the FIM Rally Raid World Championship must make this clear on the form.


Closing of registrations for FIA competitors: August 12

Closing of registrations (all competitors): August 16

For FIA competitors, do not forget to register also to identify on the FIA platform your vehicles and drivers eligible to score points before August 12

For FIM competitors, please note that Rally 2 competitors who wish to score championship points will need to register also on the FIM ASO platform before  August 16.

Road to Dakar 2024


To win the Dakar 2024 entry, riders will have to register for free and WIN the Road to Dakar
Challenge in one of the races of the riders’ choice on the calendar.
Entries for the Challenge will close at the same time as entries for each of the rallies.

The riders/pilots are eligible to participate in the Road to Dakar Challenge if:

  • Have never taken part in the Dakar in any category
  • Have never been classified in the top 10 of a FIM championship in any discipline and in any age category.
  • Have never been part of the FIA and ASO Elite / Priority list (Bike, cars/SSV or truck).
  • Have never been winner of the Road to Dakar challenge in the past.
  • Are not part of an official team.

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