Jose Marcio Yampa: the local rider in Belén

Jose Marcio Yampa: the local rider in Belén

The local rider José Marcio Yampa is the credit of the city of Belén in this Desafío Ruta 40. The MEB Belén Rally driver won stage 3, which was precisely a loop around the city.

“Knowing the terrain was good for me, although I got stuck in a dune and fell behind a bit, but then I could make up for the lost time. The rivers were difficult to speed up, with many hidden stones. I know Belen’s surroundings well, but also how to prepare the bike, and that helped me today ”, he told us after the 265-km Stage.

As for Desafío Ruta 40, in the Stage La Rioja-Belén, a crowd of people came early to wait for him at the arrival. «It was very emotional, because I also represent the entire town of Belén, it was super emotional,» he said as they continued to check his bike so that everything was correct for the next stage.

“There is still a lot to come here, you have to manage your physical condition because the coming stages are physically demanding and it is essential to take care of the bike as well, but having received all the love from my family, friends and people from Belén was so good for me and I am prepared for what´s next”, Yampa said. He looks quite focused on this Desafío Ruta 40 YPF 2023.

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