This edition of Desafío Ruta 40 has a special feature; It has fathers and their children running simultaneously and others following the legacy left by their parents in this challenge.

This time there are 5 pairs of fathers/children taking part. The Paraguayan Zapag Peralta will be running. Blas (father) will do it in a Toyota Hilux of the Copetrol Rally team, while his son Blas «Chun» will compete aboard a KTM Rally Replica of the MED Racing Team.

Bolivia will also be represented by a father and daughter. This is the case of the Martínez family, who will have Suany and Leonardo, both with a Can Am Renegade in the quad category.


The younger is taking part in the Road To Dakar challenge on his Husqvarna 450, while the father will be on board a Can Am Renegade in the quad category.

«It’s a personal and family challenge for us. We are very anxious, with a lot of pressure and eager to start. I am also happy to be able to share this race with my father», the son said.

«I’m still racing to keep looking after him,» said the elder Rostan, who will start on his quad behind the bikes, the category in which his son will be riding.

As for what they are looking for, the objective is clear: «Santi (Jr.) has to make it to Dakar in January, and he is registered in the Road to Dakar. If he goes to Dakar, I will continue to accompany him», Santiago (Sr.) concluded.

Santiago Rostan (P) y Santiago Rostan (H).


A family linked to cars and racing will now have this new pair starting from La Rioja on Sunday. «Racing with my father and sharing it from the inside is something unforgettable», Yéssica said.

Rubén Gentile was emotional as he reflected on his participation: «Racing with a daughter is a unique experience. To be here in such an event is unthinkable for us. “We want to start and arrive together.”

As for Yessica’s arrival at Desafío Ruta 40, Rubén confessed that it was his idea: «I invited her to race, we tried it out, we did some races and she liked it. We took this challenge as a huge learning experience for both of us», he concluded.

Yesica Gentile y su padre, Rubén Gentile.


Lucas Inocente will race this edition of the DR40 with his son, Matías, who will be doing it for the first time. «It is a big challenge for both of us, it is a competition in which I have participated several times. I tried to pass on to him the experience I have accumulated over the years. Mati acquired all this since he was a little boy and ended up in what we are doing today, competing together», Lucas said about this experience of father and son.

Matías, who, like his father, rides a Can Am Renegade quad, said that he has wanted to race the Ruta 40 since his father finished on the podium in 2014. «Since I was 10 years old, I’ve been doing the road book with my old man, and I hope to use that experience in this race. The goal is to finish as usual, but we are looking to finish as far ahead as possible,» the 20-year-old rider said.

Lucas y Matías Innocente. Crédito: Paco Foto Agencia


There are many fathers and sons/daughters participating together in Desafío Ruta 40 2023, but there are some historic family names that are back again. Such is the case of Pascual and Yacopini, who will be looking to continue making history in this edition.

On Pascual’s side, the family name is now represented by Jeremías, Pablo’s son, who was a reference not only at Desafío Ruta 40 but also at Dakar. Jeremías always accompanied his father to all the races and unconsciously learned about rallying. According to Pablo’s statements, Jere «always liked to go fast on the bike, but now he will have to introduce navigation to be able to complete the race».

«From a very young age I was learning together with my father, also with my uncle, making the road books and being next to them. We never put it into practice, the theory was unconsciously in me, that made it easier for me to learn about the bike», Jeremías said about his short experience in the Rally, which he will try to extend, as he is registered in the Road To Dakar.

Jeremías Pascual y su padre, Pablo Pascual.

On Yacopini’s side, the representative in this Desafío Ruta 40 is Juan Cruz, Alejandro´s son.
As for the legacy, Alejandro was able to win this competition in his category and Juan Cruz is present in this edition «racing in cars, which is what my old man taught me. He has done very well; he has enjoyed it and I want to try to surpass him and I am coming here to try to leave the family name as high as possible».

For three years they were a duo on the car, alternating as driver and co-driver, and since Alejandro dropped out of the competition, he has continued to accompany from the outside and giving support. «So far, he doesn’t get involved in anything, unless there is a remarkable improvement or a big mistake and then he comes up to me and tells me about it. But he supports me as a father to enjoy and he stays close to me», Juan Cruz said. Juan Cruz is arriving at this edition of Desafío Ruta 40 in 5th position in the W2RC.

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